The Harrington Corporation (HARCO) is a producer of gasketed joint injection-molded PVC fittings and push-on gasketed joint ductile fittings. HARCO was founded in 1966 in Lynchburg, Virginia, to produce push-on joint ductile iron fittings. HARCO manufactures fittings at its facility in Lynchburg, VA and Janesville, WI with warehouses in Winter Haven, FL; Dallas, TX and Phoenix, AZ.
Harrington Corp (HARCO) Lynchburg, VA

"Our mission is to operate a profitable business by providing exceptional customer satisfaction and constantly improving every aspect of our business"

Harrington Corporation (HARCO)
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Harrington Corporation
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HARCO Ductile Iron Nipple
     HARCO Ductile Iron Nipples are designed to be used wherever brass, galvanized, black iron or PVC nipples are used in air relief, blow-off, post-hydrant, spray field, and many other utility and irrigation applications.
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