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     HARCO offers fittings for HDPE pipe starting at " through 36"+. Both IPS and DIPS available as well as FM fittings. HARCO has developed a set of sources with long and proven experience in the manufacture of pipe fittings for HDPE pipe. We offer special fittings for irrigation applications utilizing our Swivel and Lateral Isolation Valve Products.
PE (HDPE) IPS Fab Butt Fusion PE (HDPE) IPS Transition Fitting PE (HDPE) IPS Molded Socket Fusion PE (HDPE) IPS Molded Electrofusion
IPS Transition Fittings & Adapters
IPS Molded Socket Fusion
IPS Molded Electrofusion
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pe001018.jpg pe001016.jpg pe001014.jpg pe001012.jpg PE (HDPE) Gate Valve Reduced Bore PE (HDPE) IPS Molded Butt Fusion 90 Bend
IPS Molded Butt Fusion
IPS Fabricated Butt Fusion
IPS Valve for PE Applications
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